ATAK101 Sacrifice Keiichiro Shibuya feat. Rina Ohta Front Cover

ATAK101 Sacrifice Keiichiro Shibuya feat. Rina Ohta

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Produce, Composition, Arrange, Programming, Piano, Keyboards: Keiichiro Shibuya (ATAK)
Vocal, Voice: Rina Ohta
Lyrics: Naruyoshi Kikuchi, Keiichiro Shibuya(ATAK)
Additional Programming: evala (ATAK, port)

Recording Engineer: Taiji Okuda (studio MSR)
Rec & Mixed: Taiji Okuda at studio MSR
Recorded Tr2: Sudio ATAK Recorded by KORG MR-2000S DSD recorder
Mixed Tr4: Keiichiro Shibuya at Studio ATAK
Edited: Kohei Hatakeyama (prime sound studio form), Keisuke Fujimaki
(studio MSR)

Mastering Engineer: David Hachour
Mastering Studio: Color of Sound, Mastering Studio, Paris

Photographer:Shin Suzuki
Hair and Make-up:Katsuya Kamo
Design:Ryoji Tanaka(Semitransparent Design)
Shooting and Visual Adviser:Kaie Murakami(SIMONE)
Shooting Coordinator:Jun Ishida

Keiichiro Shibuya
Musician. Born 1973. BA of Composition, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. In 2002, Shibuya has established ATAK, a music label releasing CDs of cutting-edge electro-acoustic works by various artists from all over the world, and also embracing creators in various fields such as design, network technology, etc.
Up to the present day, Shibuya is continuously engaging in interdisciplinary collaborations with the likes of composer Yuji Takahashi, and complex systems researcher and professor at the University of Tokyo, Takashi Ikegami.

Rina Ohta
Rina Ohta was born on January 11, 1988 in Tokyo, Japan. She is an actress, known for Humoresque: Sakasama no chou (2006), 69 (2004) and The Long Goodbye (2014). She has been married to Ryûhei Matsuda since January 11, 2009.

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