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In 2023, yahyel resurrected with the release of their third album, "Loves & Cults". yahyel's successful tour of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka under the title of the album, and the more vivid evolution of their sound image as a band, showed their maturity as a collective, beyond their infancy.

By pairing the words "love" and "cult", the album hints the unwanted similarity between the people on the other side of the river and suggests the emptiness and hope of the times. In 2024, the theme of the band has moved toward "new forms of coexistence". How can we coexist and find a way to dialogue, while remaining uncertain and individual? Can we confront and reexamine our own ambiguity?

The band, once characterized by a stripped-down soundscape that could be described as "inorganic," absorbing bass music from the East and West, has now defined a freer, bloodier rock and roll that can only be described as yahyel, with the physicality of their performance. This EP is further packed with elements brought by each member from their respective fields, as can be seen in the influences of Dub, Minimal Music, and AOR.

-Not a change to cut something off, but a change to instead pick up the pieces.

The EP, titled "SALVAGED", is a compilation of songs from the first album "Flesh and Blood", and is filled with the band's trajectory as it searches for signs of brand new dynamism and evolution.

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