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Amanetril released their first new song "AKATOKI" for distribution after their new formation.
This is the first collaboration with sound producer Genshi Miyano, who has worked on numerous songs by Philosophy Dance and Toko Furuuchi, among others.
amanetrill specializes in depicting sweet scenes, but this work is closer to everyday life, with a message about the pursuit of happiness and abundance.
The fusion of the orthodox arrangement with full sound dynamics and the deep sound makeup by mastering engineer Masaoki Moroishi (parasight mastering) has resulted in an exhilarating pop song for adults with a West Coast sound.
We hope you will feel the wind blowing through you as you listen to "AKATOKI," which evokes a new dawn for amanetrill.

Words & Music: Masahiro Arrangement: Genshi Miyano
Vocal & Chorus: Masahiro (amanetrill)
All Instruments & Chorus: Miyano Genshi
MIXED by Miyano Genshi
MASTERED by Masaoki Moroishi (parasight mastering)
ART DIRECTION by Sally Kubota
PRODUCED by amanetrill

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