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This is the counterpart to "Prototype Human: Nearside" released last year.
Interspersed with numerous sci-fi motifs, the band's ever-expanding musicality goes beyond shoegaze, dream pop, electronic, and post-rock to create a unique worldview.

This ep starts with "night wave," which has a lo-fi bedroom pop vibe.
Then it presents a variety of views.
To name them in order,
"supernova remnant" (dream pop mixed with sparkling synths and guitars),

"cyberpunk syndrome" (which progresses from repetitive hard riffs to psychedelic and danceable tunes),

"deep dive" (a pleasant electronic and post-rock collage that drifts through the water),

"void replica()" (guitars with an air of decadence sound suspiciously over heavy drums and a bass that swells like it's crawling on the ground).

And,the final song is "From Dystopia with Love", which features a sweet melody sung in a whisper, as if accepting everything.

This is an epic album that leaves you with the aftertaste of having just finished watching a single science fiction feature film.

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night wave

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supernova remnant

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deep dive

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