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Hikari no kaikou

kita kouhei & Mamiko Hirai

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"A quiet ambient world that makes you feel light and shadow"
A collaboration work by Kita Kouhei, a ambient musician and ArrayMbira player, and Mamiko Hirai, a musician and pianist, depicting a tranquil and fantastic ambient world where you can feel the light and shadow. This work is the venue music written for the exhibition "Hikari wo Kanaderu - okabe makiko special exhibition -" held at Gallery ONE AND ONLY in Kyoto in September 2023. Collected in one album. Kita kouhei's trademark ArrayMbira, which plays sounds like water, irregular kalimba, numerous percussion instruments that draw space, analog synths with cloudy textures, old tape noises and glitch sounds. Mamiko Hirai's free, beautiful, and bold improvisational piano sounds, harmonica that makes you feel the breath of life. In addition, field recordings of the sound of rubbing the glass works of this exhibition are comfortably layered, creating a unique soundscape that makes you feel light and shadow. And Naotaro Moriyama, the most famous folk singer in Japan, will participate in M9 "Ajyu no Yami" as a special guest. The unique and overwhelming power of expression adds further depth to this work.

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Hikari no kaikou

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  • kita kouhei

    kita kouhei composition, arrangement, percussion, arraymbira, kalimba, videowork, artwork, etc. a self-paced cat fanatic Kita Kouhei is making based in Kyoto, Japan. He is a professional percussionist, also performer of ArrayMbira, a rare instrument in the world. His all works expresses these versatile skills and talent as a musician. Also just as like the artwork of all album which he made by himself, his compositions are like abstract paintings with beautiful tones made up of collages of daily sounds, noise and nature sounds, with rich textures.

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    kita kouheiの他のリリース
  • Mamiko Hirai

    Mamiko majored in piano at Toho Gakuen Music High School and also Toho Gakuen College in Tokyo. Today she works with a wide spectrum of artists, creators, and musicians to compose and perform musical melodies that best illustrate and evoke emotions reflective of the most memorable moments of life. She has composed music for the film and television industry, and focuses on her solo piano concerts, creating a series of albums containing her "Piano Diary". They are psychological portraits via the piano, taking a closer look at the very essence of the soul and inner being. They are an artistic expression of the whim of the heart, provoking nostalgia, deep emotions, and a sentimental feeling relative to all. Her most recent album, Towards a Dream, was released in the spring of 2013. Mamiko's works have been recognized internationally and in 2012 she received the S&R Washington Award. She has also composed and performed for the opening ceremony of the 2017 National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. Mamiko is now based in Tokyo and is seeking opportunities to further expand globally. She hopes that this website can provide a place for people to experience some of her music, style, and imagery.

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