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80KIDZ, TAAR & Shin Sakiura

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80KIDZ, TAAR, Shin Sakiura written tracks for branded audio label "SOUNDS GOOD". They recorded some noises & sounds at home, and make tracks by using Home Sampling Sounds.

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Do It Myself -Sampling "SOUNDS GOOD at Home"-

iTunes Store • Alternative TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 89 • 12 Apr 2022

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Do It Myself -Sampling "SOUNDS GOOD at Home"-

Spotify • Monday Spin • 8 Jun 2020

Artist Profile

  • 80KIDZ

    80KIDZ formed in January 2007. They began performing with various leading international artists upon releasing two popular mix CDs independently in Japan. Their early original songs and remixes went viral via the internet and SNS social networking services gaining them worldwide attention and helping them to sell out of their first 12" Vinyl release "DISDRIVE EP"(April 2008) in record time. Their first CDEP release "Life Begins at Eighty"(August 2008) followed by breaking local sales records for CDEP releases. Their debut album "This Is My Shit" (April 2009) won acclaim as one of the best album releases of the year, and was followed by a mini album "SPOILED BOY" (June 2010) featuring Lovefoxxx from CSS on the title track. Their second album "WEEKEND WARRIOR" (October 2010) became the number one selling overall album on iTunes Japan for 2010, and their third album "TURBO TOWN" (April 2012) helped to bridge and crossover between both the "Rock" and "Dance" genres. They have toured heavily in addition to releasing a steady stream of releases and are one of a very select few artists who have performed at most of the leading Japanese music festivals including FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, ROCK IN JAPAN, COUNTDOWN JAPAN, and SUMMER SONIC.

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  • TAAR

    TAAR is a Japanese DJ/ Producers based in Tokyo. He has constantly evolved fluidly with the quick changes in the music scene, and has also proved to be able to push towards new directions to impress audiences with his own unique style of burning up dance floors across the country. He self-released his debut album "abstract" to much acclaim in 2012 as these limited edition CDs sold-out almost upon being stocked in retailers all over Japan. He followed his quick-selling debut album with a remixes album titled "re:abstract" featuring local big name artists, such as JUN(80KIDZ), DJ SODEYAMA as well as other local up-and-coming artists further showcasing his talent for mixing up genres and styles again and taking things further forward. He continues releasing a steady stream of digital EPs, and has just released his sophomore album, "Astronotes in Disco " which was entirely themed upon wandering around in zero-gravity, in February 2017. He is currently producing music for various fashion shows, exhibitions, and other local artists, in addition to his producing his own songs, and is also the resident DJ, together with YOSA, for the "Modern Disco" party held at Sound Museum Vision in Tokyo since February 2015.

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  • Shin Sakiura

    Shin Sakiura is a Tokyo-based music producer/guitarist. He started producing music under his own name in 2015, following his being active in various local bands. His first album "Mirror" was released in October 2017 from the record label PARK, which is also home to Japanese artists such as 80KIDZ and TAAR. His Alternative guitar-driven music, with bouncy beats inspired by Hip Hop and R&B, and moody Soul/Funk-based keyboards thrown in for good measure, has brought him much acclaim, including that of his being referred to as the Japanese equivalent of the artist FKJ. Upon releasing his debut album, he has also supported SIRUP, as their touring guitarist/manipulator in addition to his producing/arranging songs for SIRUP and also lulu + MIKENEKO HOMELESS, as well as his producing music for promotional videos for the Japanese Streetwear brand uniform experiment and Casio's brand of watches G-SHOCK.

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