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マックス・リヒター, ヨハン・ヨハンソン, ヨンシー&アレックス, キース・ケネフ…。ポストクラシカルミュージックという世界的に急速な盛り上がりを見せる新しいジャンルの中でも、特にその美しいピアノのメロディーとサウンドクオリティーが評価されているアーティスト達に、2014年、期待の新人Sontag Shogunが加わります!世界で最も最先端の芸術を生み出す街、ニューヨークはブルックリンで結成。その壮大な音世界で世界中の音楽ファンを虜にし、The Silent Ballet, Avant Music News, Textura, Village Voiceなどの音楽サイトから絶大な支持を受けたポストロックバンド[The] Slowest Runner [In All The World]のメンバーが、バンドを解散させ、新たに始動したのが、このポストクラシカルユニットSontag Shogun。デビュー前にもかかわらず、その前身バンドの知名度を利用し、既に北米ツアーとヨーロッパツアーにて成功を収める。今、最も大きな期待を集めるアーティストである。


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  • Sontag Shogun

    Sontag Shogun are a New York based neo-classical ambient music trio who express an individualistic beauty featuring a combination of lovely piano melodies, ambient, analog musical electronics such as a tape machines, modular synthesizers, sound effects made from everyday items such as rice, chopstick and spoons, and edited vocals like clean air. In 2014, they debuted by releasing their first album 'Tale', a masterpiece featuring beautiful songs and its overwhelmed sound quality. They have shared the stage with notable artists such as Hauschka who is a popular modern-classical pianist, Julia Kent, the cellist of Antony & the Johnsons who is also know for her collaborations with Björk, and also played concerts at Frameworks Festival in Germany and The Museum Of Modern Art in New York. After many concerts in North America, Western Europe, Northern Europe, and East Asia, they created the surpassing beautiful second studio album 'Patterns For Resonant Space' like ones of Sigur Rós and Jóhann Jóhannsson in 2017. The fantastic sound has also been praised by Pitchfork Media. In 2019, they released their third album 'It Billows Up' made from field recordings, analog oscillator, foley sounds, and a piano then, in 2020, their fourth album 'The Floating World & The Sorrowful World' featuring improvisation performance with a Belgium-based guitarist and tape manipulator, Stijn Hüwels. In 2022, they released their first collaboration album, 'Valo Siroutuu' by Sontag Shogun and a Finnish female vocalist, Lau Nau, aka Laura Naukkarinen, a singer-songwriter who works using both acoustic and electronic instruments, from traditional instruments and singing voice to analogue synthesisers and field recordings.

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