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Pianist and composer Masato Tani, who possesses an extensive knowledge of the piano, will release the original piano album "Piano Spirit" on December 19, 2023. The album primarily features piano solo pieces brimming with the spirit of music, along with ensemble compositions involving a string orchestra, creating melodies that are both dramatic and healing. Tani's unique musical world seamlessly blends elements of classical, jazz, and pop. Renowned in the fields of commercial and stage music, his catchy melodies and beautiful cinematic sound are a perfect match for visual works. The album promises a delightful resonance for fans of game music as well. While demanding highly advanced piano skills, sheet music for some compositions will be available, inviting piano enthusiasts to enjoy playing. For more details, please visit the official website.

With a notable background including winning the 2000 Paris Amateur Piano Competition, he made a career transition from a businessman to a musician at the age of 38. Currently, he is actively engaged in various creative pursuits, focusing on composition. Operating under the name "MASATO," he works as a producer, collaborating online with international artists, particularly in the realm of Western-style vocal music. His multifaceted activities showcase a unique and dynamic approach to the world of music. His vocal arrangement of Ravel's 'Bolero' titled 'Bolero XO' achieved the top position on Apple Music's jazz charts both domestically and internationally, showcasing his highly praised musicality and innovative creativity.

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Piano Spirit

iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 1 • 19 Dec 2023

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  • Masato Tani

    Masato Tani: Composer, Producer, Pianist & Creator. A versatile 'music creator' donning multiple hats solo, with music at the core. Possessing a unique career transition from a corporate professional, Masato Tani graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. After a stint as a salesman in a foreign advertising agency, he made a distinctive shift in his mid-30s, blossoming into a late-blooming classical pianist sparked by the Paris International Amateur Piano Competition. Currently, he thrives as a music creator, primarily focusing on composition across a spectrum of genres from classical to pop, R&B, jazz, enka, and EDM. His contributions extend to composing music for media such as commercials, providing songs for artists (including Mika Hino and Tomofumi Hayashibe), and crafting stage music for musicals directed by Amon Miyamoto, among others. Operating under the name Masato Tani, he composes and performs instrumental pieces predominantly centered around classical piano. Meanwhile, as MASATO, he serves as a music producer, crafting and producing pop-style compositions. Under the latter moniker, he has launched the 'Classic meets pops' project, releasing arrangements of classical pieces in pop and jazz styles. Actively engaging in online casting and production for international artists, Masato Tani is a frequent presence in various media, including television. A member of JASRAC.

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