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shusi no kakera

Keiko Higuchi & Shin-ichiro Kanda

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completely new approach to improvised and composed music that sensually shimmers and speaks low in your night dream

Keiko Higuchi, vo.
Shin-ichiro Kanda, Pf,Comp.

Artist Profile

  • Keiko Higuchi

    keiko higuchi a vocalist who seeks the connection between body, voice and breathing and covers jazz to vocalization. she started out her career as a voice performer in boston, usa. since returning to japan in '98, she has been working in dance, theater and many collaborations aside from her solo work. also she has some photography and writing work in the past. she has released, for the recent, her second album "ephemeral as petals" (utech records, usa) and "awai" the duo album with yasumune morishige (improvising beings, france) in 2013, "melt" with cris x (musik atlach, japan) in 2014, the third solo album "between dream and haze" (improvising beings, france) in 2016, and "passing and longing and there is only a trace left" (ftarri) with the pianist, shin-ichiro kanda released in 2017. And now as Albedo Fantastica with Sachiko "culvert and starry night" (an'archive, france).

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  • Shin-ichiro Kanda

    Shin-ichiro Kanda (b. 1976) is a Tokyo-based composer, pianist and modular synthesizer player.

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