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"My Life"

This song was created after hearing my wheelchair-bound father exclaim, "I'm not dead yet."

Takahiro Kuroki has been in music for 12 years this year. Despite many frustrating experiences, the support from fans has kept me going.

There's also a promise I made to a friend who has passed away.

Both my father's life and my artist journey are just beginning.

I hope "My Life" can shine a light on the various trials and hardships everyone faces.

May it bring smiles to many.


Music Staff
Vocal: Takahiro Kuroki
Lyrics: Takahiro Kuroki
Composition: Takahiro Kuroki
Arrangement: Kay (B.B.Q)
Recording & Mix: Yusuke Abe (Baybridge Nakame Studio)
Director: AIJ (B.B.Q)
Production: B.B.Q Inc.

Music Video Staff
Director: Masashi Sugimoto (B.B.Q / Kalon)
Camera: Masashi Sugimoto (B.B.Q / Kalon)
Assistant: Tsubasa Fujimoto (Kalon)
Hair Styling: Hayato Maehiga
Hair Cut: Jun Shishido
Fashion: Waste Bank
Producer: AIJ (B.B.Q)
Production: B.B.Q Inc.

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Artist Profile

  • Takahiro Kuroki

    Takahiro Kuroki Origin: Edogawa-ku, Tokyo Raised in an environment completely focused on baseball during his childhood, with no connection to music. By the way, he throws right-handed and bats left-handed (a speedy and skilled hitter type). It was when he received compliments from girls who stopped to listen to him during his first street live performance that he mistakenly believed singing was his calling, leading him to officially start his singing career in 2012. Despite the lack of notable achievements over the years, he continues to hold an unfounded confidence that he will inevitably become successful. His favorite phrase is "the spirit of a weed," embodying the typical sports club spirit of determination and perseverance. With the goal of bringing energy and smiles to anyone who listens to his music and voice, he dedicates himself wholeheartedly, aiming to be a "moving power spot" every day.

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