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This album contains eight different sounds by frequency.
If it matches your tinnitus sound, you may feel an immediate reduction or disappearance.
First, try the frequencies from 8,000 Hz to 11,000 Hz, which are the most common tinnitus frequencies. If you do not feel any effect, please try other frequencies.
*Since tinnitus frequencies and sound tendencies differ from person to person, there may be cases where no reduction effect can be obtained.
For convenience of distribution, the numbers in the titles are not given in units, but they are all in Hz.

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How to use
Either speaker or earphone is OK. Please set the volume to the level that you do not feel tinnitus.
Please note that if you set the volume higher than necessary, your brain may be more focused on the tinnitus than before when the sound is stopped.
When using the device during sleep, we recommend using the speakers as much as possible to reduce the burden on the ears.

Reduction of tinnitus
Listening to random sounds that contain the same or similar frequencies as the tinnitus sound can distract the brain from the tinnitus and may help to reduce or eliminate it.

Tinnitus improvement
In the beginning, the tinnitus will start again as soon as the sound is stopped (the time varies from person to person), but "Sound Therapy" is a method to gradually increase the time of the tinnitus by building up this "experience of relief" from a short time to a long time. The method is to acclimate the brain over a period of several months to several years.
Please consult with a specialist doctor if you want to have an accurate treatment while checking the condition of your ears, and if you do it by yourself, please use your own judgment and take your own responsibility. For more information, please search for "tinnitus retraining therapy" for more detailed information and testimonials.

About this audio
Sine waves composed of chords and random sounds, and white noise with a periodic volume by adjusting the frequency characteristics are played.
This is not a recording of the sound of a treatment device or noise generator, but an original sound created using high quality equipment used in music production.
We used the frequencies of the musical scale, rather than simply the numbers of the notes, such as A (440Hz) followed by A# (466Hz), and so on.
By combining these with familiar chords, it is easy to listen to and corresponds to a wider range of tinnitus.

Playback time
It is counterproductive if you get tired of listening to it. Especially, ultra-high frequency range is also called Mosquito Tone, which is generally felt as unpleasant frequency band. If your ears get tired or feel sick when listening to it, please stop using it.
Please use it within a reasonable range according to your own ears and physical condition.

Precautions and Disclaimer
Please use at your own risk.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of audio.
If your tinnitus has become worse recently and you have an idea of the cause, such as after an injury or illness, after going to a live concert, after anesthesia, or after medication, please consult a medical specialist first. Some treatments are only available in the early stages.
Continued listening to loud sounds can cause hearing problems. Please keep the volume at a moderate level and take occasional ear breaks.

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