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Tokyo-based electro unit yahyel is releasing its first new single in four years, "Highway".

Suddenly appearing in the reclusive chaos of Tokyo, yahyel quickly garners the international attention with unique and poignant expressions that resonate with the global narrative of electronic music.

In contrast to their debut album "Flesh and Blood," which was released under the theme of anonymity to hide from the stereotype their Japanese heritage carries, the second album "Human" dared to lift the veil and bring "personal identity" into relief. Despite their seemingly contradictory and opposite approaches, yahyel's underlying philosophy is a sincere attempt to pick up "individual subtleties and emotions buried within social, - and racial, attributes". The tone of their world is faintly dark, inorganic and organic at same time to portrait the eastern reality.
Four years have passed since the single "TAO," which has a beautiful and sophisticated structure under the influence of bass music and a heat source like an ancient fire festival, the world has gone through an unprecedented pandemic of love and hate, heading toward sensational, rudderless, and maybe even dystopian chaos. What does yahyel think now, having maintained an eerie silence in a world once they pictured?

Highway," their first single-cut since their relaunch, is an industrial update of two-step with an ironic 90s band sound. The mix of both sides that enhances the songwriting that is the earnest plea as ever. Loneliness and objectivity: yahyel's new phase, which began with dark pop like a Tokyo's rusty highway that cuts through the frenzy of the 20s, is something to keep an eye on.

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