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The story of a faint love between men and women living on the island The birth of the Okinawa Country Love Song The story is set on Ishigaki Island in the Yaeyama Islands. The two childhood friends are lovers who are rumored to be on the island. However, she announces that she will leave the island for employment after graduating from high school. "When I think about her future, I want to stop it, but I can't stop it," said adolescent love that changes from a boy to an adult. With that feeling in mind, I finished the song with the image of the sea, sea breeze, and waves of the island that nurtured them. A bassist from Okinawa, Yo Yasuda is in charge of the rhythm pattern. The fluctuating rhythm and groove firmly support Fukuda's vocals. The sound of the sanshin carried the scenery of the island and created a new genre called Uchina Country Love Song.

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  • Yasuyuki Fukuda

    Yasuyuki Fukuda Born in Okinawa City. He grew up with his father from Amami Oshima and his mother from Koza. During his childhood, he became acquainted with Nami and Kayo songs under the influence of his father. Began playing guitar at the rock concert held at the gate of Koza in elementary school. In high school, she listens to Sadao China's bye-bye Okinawa and begins sanshin. Since then, while learning Sanshin, Koto, and folk instruments, he has collaborated with artists of various genres. While working as a singer-songwriter, he also has a face as a teacher of the Ryukyu Music Association.

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