After 60 Mins I Spent On My Own

  1. Me and A Village in Fall -Overture-
  2. Eyes on the Wall
  3. Lost on A Detour by the Lake
  4. Farewell Dinner with Blessings
  5. 550 Miles
  6. What A Ballad fr. Shiga would Be Like in My Heart

Including 6 songs that Xiao Ying wrote when traveling alone in Shiga Prefecture in Japan, in autumn 2018.
A precious album that was recorded live in a studio in Tokyo at the end of the travel. With a high-quality recording, you can hear the sound and breathing of his piano.
In particular, the last "What A Ballad fr. Shiga would B e Like in My Heart" gently echoes our hearts with a melody that revives the beautiful scenery of Shiga.

Xiao Ying

Composer, Pianist and independent musician, was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China on October 24. Graduated from the Institut de France Académie des Beaux-Arts. He is the only Chinese student who was admitted to this Académie. In 2013, he won the first prize of the young composer program held by the national center for the performing arts. In May 2014, his work <<a cloud in the sky >> was invited by the BBC symphony orchestra in Wales to participate in the Glamorgan international modern music festival. He is one of the new generation of young Chinese musicians which was appreciated by Japanese artist Ryuichi Sakamoto. Also, the favorite disciple of Chen Qigang, director and composer of China Olympic Games music. He has been invited to perform nearly 100 performances in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Athens, Greece, and Santorin with the band "Qunxian", and was invited to the China pavilion of the south by southwest music festival in the United States. He has served as music director, arranger and piano player for the "sound in your eyes blue" tour.

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