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From the instrumental Japanese-style songs that Satoshi Suzuki had previously produced as BGM, this work "Otoko" was created by extracting and rearranging the songs that she liked and putting them together in one album.
According to the concept of "Japanese-style songs with a view that can be drawn only because they were born and raised in the countryside", the titles include the names of places in Akita, their hometown. Although the impression is significantly different from the rock songs that he has mainly released so far, what is consistently understood is still a catchy melody.
As for listening, I would like you to listen to a variety of songs that cook a wide variety of genres such as classical and electronic music in Japanese, as well as the sad tone of the shamisen that you played all by yourself.
The author feels that it is just a piece that can be listened to calmly because there are no words.

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utadokoro bokurinan