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A new album of Ginga Soup with mellow charm with folk rock and country manners released. Former recording leader Takuro Okada, a former leader of Mori is alive, including Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tabito Nanao, and tabla player U-zhaan, who also collaborates with many musicians such as Shuta Hasunuma. Mastering was done by the mastering engineer Kentaro Kimura, who worked on the remastered version of Fishmans and Clambon, J-WAVE FM Also includes numerous songs aired on RADIO SAKAMOTO, navigated by Ryuichi Sakamoto. In addition, the artwork of the jacket, illustrations, and music videos of this work are linked to music and created by the Ginga Soup himself.

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iTunes Store • Alternative TOP ALBUMS • Thailand • TOP 1 • 7 Sep 2020 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP ALBUMS • Thailand • TOP 18 • 7 Sep 2020 Apple Music • Alternative Top Albums • Mongolia • TOP 76 • 13 Dec 2020 Apple Music • Alternative Top Albums • Taiwan • TOP 174 • 8 May 2022

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