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"Seed", the third release in COVID-19, is
A rock sound that is completely different from the previous work, with Chie Hamasaki's impressive intro guitar riff and John Frusciante's catchy and melancholy SEIJI YANO's guitar riff.
I put a straightforward message to those who struggle with the simple guitar sound of two people every day without over-decoration.
This time, Bass is Norio (Udagawa Bekkan BAND, EMPTY CRAFT)
He appointed Eiji Nagamatsu (yobaisuspects, BLANK BLANK STRUCTURE, darräz) for Drums, supported by a tight and grooved rhythm.
Soichiro Adachi (gnkosaiBAND, PANIC tracks) is in charge of Mixing & Mastering.

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iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • Thailand • TOP 3 • 11 Dec 2023

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  • Delicious Grapefruits Moon

    Delicious Grapefruits Moon is a music duo. Chie Hamasaki singer songwriter based in Yokohama, Guitarist Seiji Yano. Extracting music styles from Indie Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop to Pop sounds. "Taking deep breaths in between nature and urban life though music" is their theme. 2022 April, performed at JAZZ AUDITORIA ONLINE2022 (Event Organization by BLUE NOTE JAPAN) August, released their 5th Single "39-40" doubled produced by members of Minyo crusaders Keitarou Kanamine and SANABAGUN. Ryozo Obayashi. 2020, 2023 toured Thailand, performed at Bangkok,Chiang Mai,Chiang Dao and made an appearance at Shambhala Music Festival. After returning back to Japan, performed at Music Lane Okinawa 2023. Expanding their music not only in Japan but also overseas. 2023, released "in Me" through Chiang Mai, Minimal Records.

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