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HIRONO KAMINOSE' s first single
"Yamato The Machine"
Japanese melody and lyrics are mixing with rock.

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Yamato The Machine

iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • France • TOP 3 • 24 Apr 2021

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    Japanese singer-songwriter/Composer&Arranger/Pianist/Bassist HIRONO KAMINOSE is a japanese singer. (ex-HITT) Mainly featuring his piano performance (he defines his style as " piano rock ") HIRONO KAMINOSE overwhelmingly performs a solitary rock entertainment show,whose makes a deep impression on the audience with his unique outfits and flamboyant performance. He went to 22 countries for performing. He also has been highly estimated as a composer,who'd written more than 400 original songs. He performed at JAPAN EXPO PARIS.

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