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The music duo "Bugbear" releases their 3rd single with their latest offering!

They held their debut live performance on January 28th at Aoyama DDD, demonstrating their energetic activities since their formation. "Bugbear," who has been actively involved since their inception, produced this track titled "Kimi Boku," which features an upper sound with programmed beats, reminiscent of their previous works such as Keyakizaka46's "Silent Majority" and "Fukyouwaon."

The lyrics depict the world of unrequited love, where the protagonist expresses their feelings to their crush straightforwardly, making it a pure love song. Starting from January, they began regular performances, and by March, they had already scheduled three shows. They plan to continue regular performances consistently even after April, indicating their steady growth in fanbase and anticipation for their 3rd single!

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iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • Germany • TOP 3 • 8 Apr 2024

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    In December 2023, they debuted as a seven-member newly formed group, Last Idol. Since then, they have actively expanded their activities, including holding regular performances, participating in idol events, and appearing on radio programs, with the aim of becoming the ultimate seven-member idol group, diligently engaging in daily activities towards that goal.

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