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With a funky groove and a throbbing melody line, the song unfolds like a story from the intro to the chorus. The lyrics express the fact that no matter how hard we try, we are limited by "time," and the only person who can decide the future is ourselves. The song "Night" represents the uncertain future, while "Morning" represents the future that has opened up, and should be listened to by all those who struggle in their daily lives to inspire themselves. The message, "Let's go through the night that never dawns and welcome the morning we have never seen," is a message that can only be released by ALBATROSS after a long 14-year hiatus.

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If You Want to Leave

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If You Want to Leave

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    This five-member group traces its lineage back to city pop, AOR, and urban soul, yet crosses genres without borders, weaving anthemic music of the REIWA Japanese era. The one-of-a-kind sound that intertwines the message spelled out by frontman Hiroshi Kaifu with the soul and R&B-derived swells cultivated as a live band inspires listeners, while at the same time leaning in and talking to them. The band was formed in 1998 in Nagoya by high school classmates Kaifu (Vo), Amano (Gt), and Kobayashi (Ba). Later, Ohno (Dr.) and Shimazaki (Key) joined to form the current lineup. At that time, the band performed more than 100 live shows a year in various parts of Japan. However, in the late 2000s, Shimazaki, Amano, and Ohno left the group. The band changed members and resumed their activities, but went on hiatus after their last live performance in 2009. After that, they were inactive for more than 10 years, March 20, 2022. On March 20, 2022, they resumed their activities with a two-man live concert with G-FREAK FACTORY, which was held after the closing of their home ground, Apollo Base in Nagoya, at that time. They announced the resumption of their activities. In July of the same year, they released their first EP "ECHOED" in 12 years. In September, the band held a successful "The World Is Echoed" live concert. The year is 2023. After resuming their activities, they announced a new project, "9 Chants," in which nine newly created songs will be released consecutively over a period of nine months. Atsushi Shimazaki left the band on June 20, 2023, and Yuki Hanabusa joined as a new support keyboardist for "9 Chants". Translated with (free version)

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