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Finally the 9th album is on sale! This is the first collection of works since the main equipment was changed to MPC ONE. The lyrics and tracks had already been made in 2020, but in the end it was a classic that I spent more than two years recreating more than half and straying. Continuing from the previous time, there are no guest performances this time, and one song instrument is recorded as an extra bulk. Initially, I planned to have an album with 16 songs, but my niece said, "A board with 10 or more songs is no longer called an album in the Reiwa era? It's a dictionary." It has been significantly changed to a work with a niece.

The title is mostly in English because I started to feel a little uncomfortable when it was the 9th work to be written in English for overseas at the time of distribution registration, so this time I will write it in English including the meaning of saving. ..

However, if an interview with Sanreco asks, "Why is the title written in English?" I changed the notation with the meaning of being free. It would be confusing for you if there were many small types of "sadness", right? I have decided in advance that I will return "laughs".

This time, almost all the song samples are cut into small pieces, and there is almost no use.
There is a wide range of tunes up and down, so please enjoy it.


1. selfish
3. shot_life
5. taigannoai
6. No pain
8. stance
9. omokaji

All Track by ORESAMA

Mix by Mr. Numata

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iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 3 • 2 Apr 2022 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 67 • 2 Apr 2022 Apple Music • Hip-Hop/Rap Top Albums • Japan • TOP 103 • 3 Apr 2022

Artist Profile


    A lower-class MC and MPC track maker on the Edo River. His style is the innocence of Hiyori Sakurada, interspersed with the danger of glasswork, and at times he manipulates light like Claude Monet. Sea from land, Kazehaya with bright red eyes, one person who smokes behind the supermarket, Dope Specialist who specializes in Edogawa river rafting, and a long excuse for bad ex-girlfriends. With nostalgic piano lines and sentimental words, Jitsu no Ana compilation and boost compilation, DJ June sound source collection, TMCS judge, participation in Kannon Creation "Shinpaku", DJ IKIPEDIA's "Street Tellers". Participated in WAZGOGG's "Sentence". Appearance at POETRY FES sponsored by LOW HIGH WHO?, a poetry and music festival drawn by wonderboy. At WALK THIS WAY hosted by Mr. PON, who is active as a stage director, Hannya, RADIOTS, and Yonseikyu served as O.A. In the media, he appeared on the Japanese rap program Rappu Jikan. Co-starring with track makers such as MICHITA, Kannon Creation, Hoenma, DJ Jun, Laugh, WAZGOGG, EQu yakko, Yuhoho, Kaonashi, SHIBAO, yodaka, Kuwanoha, TAKUMI M, and PEACE residents. In terms of rappers, MC Kuya, Meiso, Kitsunebi, Soramawa, KAKU, Gakudan Hitori, SALPHA, ANCELL, GOMESS, Daichi Hidaka, Umezu, C4, Toushiro, DEG, RYOTA MATSUZAWA, and other MCs. . It features a wide range of music styles from H love like I's to underground.

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