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UKICO's first album embodies her journey through self-discovery which started after reaching the lowest point of her life. She searched for answers in various places, yoga, meditation, books, coaching, spirituality and more. One of her important healing process was songwriting which allowed her to express feelings honestly.
We as humans, tend to deny the darkness within, push it down like it doesn't exist. But everyone have ups and downs. And what she gradually realized is that even light and darkness seem to be fighting, in reality, one cannot exist without the other. There are both necessary and by embracing the darkness you can discover your real strength and potential.

The title of the Album, "Ascension" has various meanings, but for UKICO, it means awakening, growth, connection to the universe, closing on "5D" an instrumental song that represent the final step of the ascension.
Influenced by 90s Trip-hop, her Japanese heritage and her music engineering background UKICO creates a unique universe merging sampled drum sounds, textures, dreamy/dark synth, traditional Japanese instruments and sultry vocals.

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