Salty City

  1. salt on your face
  2. do more
  3. infinte problem
  4. rock far awat
  5. never salty
  6. salty salty
  7. salty feels
  8. salty's
  9. salty sugar
  10. salty talk

Gradis Nice, DJ Scratch Nice, whose productions and tracks are constantly being discussed. BEAT TAPE is also a great performer as Grades Nice & DJ Scratch Nice, such as winning the Beat Grand Prix in the activity base in the United States and providing beats for the 20th anniversary planning interview of XXL MAGAZINE. Two of the friends who worked on the jacket, pay attention to the artwork of Toya Horiuchi, a NY resident who also designs the skate brand Hellrazor!!


DJ / BEATMAKER, formed around 2002 Coe-la-canth. Acting as Live DJ, Scratch, Club DJ. In the meantime I came to participate in Mix work and Scratch to other Artist works. Beatmaking will be done before unfamiliar and will set up an activity base in 2012 NY. Participate in various Artist's works with Beat, Scratch. Co-work with ISSUGI Released URBANBOWL MIXCITY which is ALBUM and 2nd album BOY MEETS WORLD of SENNINSHO who handled total production. Produce, remix Work, and also acting as a DJ in various NY Clubs.

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Gradis Nice originally worked as a human beat boxer (AFRA Kei K - MOON) since he was in his teens. During the Human Beat boxer, he collaborated with various artists at large festivals around the world (Spain sonar festival, Australia big day out,, Norway performance, Moscow Performance), De La Soul, Kanye West, Lupe fiasco, Stone Roses Full English Tour support . M.I.A. Tour support. Coca - Cola TV commercial, Diplo etc etc participated as producer album etc from avex record after release, activity is paused. After that, K - MOON will resume music composition with SEXORCIST led by GRADIS NICE and then NIPPS of Buddha Brand to truly make the music he wants to make. After producing several Japanese rap albums (see discography), I went to the USA. Currently based in NEW YORK, BROOKLYN. And I'm actively working with Istandard's beat battle that was held at NEW YORK the other day to win the championship.

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