Avant-garde Woman Experience

  1. Avant-garde Woman Experience

A new challenge for Sanou. I play all the instruments myself. Some tracks also use DAW soft default looping material. Especially regarding the guitar, I think the history of Sanou has been exuding. At times, I focused on soulful emotions like the Doors and a modern atmosphere. I would be happy if you could feel the Oriental atmosphere and immerse yourself.


Hello everyone! This is Sanou. If you meet for the first time, nice to meet you! We released our album "CULMINATION" in July 2019, and we are thankful to have fans from many countries watch it more than ever before. Thank you very much. After all, "We Love The Earth" is one of my original songs, which has an outstanding number of viewers. This is an expression of the heart of people around the world, "Let's improve the global environment!" I'm happy. And again, in February 2020, Sanou's new album "Sanou's Guitar Ensemble 2020" (as of February 22, 2020, only sound source distribution) has been released! This album contains almost all of Sanou's original instrumental songs from the 2000s! Decorating the top of the album features a guitar with cool sounds like TRANCE / DANCE music, the first challenge. New attempt! Through important songs, it is followed by North Land's Sky 2018, the monument to the year I felt the hardest in my life, and The Phenomenon Came Of Paradox (Phase I ~ II). I made this album with great care, so I hope you all listen! I will be preparing for the CD version soon so that our important fans can buy and sell directly through "Amazon.co", so please look forward to it! By the way, like the album artwork of "CULMINATION", the artwork such as the Renaissance painting of "Sanou's Guitar Ensemble 2020" is a cover art of the imaginary picture drawn by Sanou in 1989. Please check it out. Sanou will continue to strive to be able to perform in front of you someday, so please support us! I also thank the fans who are always listening to my music here. 2020/02/23 By Sanou

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