D-Funky Magic

  1. D-Funky Magic

This is Sanou's original work.
A classic BGM based on Roop material and cherishing the refreshing pop-like groove feeling of C major chords. I play the guitar as usual.


Nice to meet you. My name is Sanou. My own music activity as a life work reaches 35 years. I've been an amateur band for many years, but after all music and anything is an update on my experience. We will make further efforts from now on! Thank you everyone. Sanou's new album "CULMINATION (only sound source delivery as of 2019/07/07 released) has been released! This album is packed with almost all of the 2019 Sanou original songs. There is also a "love song", and the main guitar instrumental song occupies 70% throughout the album.Presented as a compilation of guitar life and music from Sanou (including songs from the Kaz-Sanou period). We remastered "4tr cassette MTR pre-recorded tape" by the mastering software "ozone 8", which was also stored 5 songs of the second half that was produced and recorded in its own young age (1990s) Please download and listen by all means !! "Promotional video" will be released, so please check it out. By Sanou

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