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世界中で活動しているコンテンポラリー・ジャズ・ベーシスト細谷紀彰が、Tokyo Jazz 2020出演を果たしたヴォーカリストRuri Matsumuraを迎えた自身初のヴォーカル楽曲。Ruri Matsumuraによる叙情的な詞に、細谷の描く欧州ジャズの匂いを感じるメロディーを乗せた。
共演ミュージシャンに、細谷同様に国際的活動が目立つピアニスト藪野遥佳、イスラエル人ドラマーNathan Blankettとの国境を超えたリモートコラボレーションを実現させ、失われつつある色彩を取り戻すかのようなポスト・コロナ時代への希望を表す前向きな楽曲となっている。

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  • Noriaki Hosoya

    Bass player and composer Noriaki Hosoya moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music in 2002. He studied bass under Matthew Garrison, Dave Buda, Dave Clark, etc., composing and arranging under Ken Pullig, Greg Hopkins, Ted Pease, and Scott Free. He also attended the master class of Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets). In 2005 he was honored the Outstanding Performer Award, and in 2006 he graduated Berklee College of Music majoring in Performance & Jazz Composition and Arrangement and honored as magna cum laude. He moved to Tokyo in 2006 and participated in various gigs and recordings such as Jazz-oriented instrumental, pop/rock music, jingles, TV shows, etc. From 2010 to 2016, he lived in Berlin, Germany & has been an active bass player all over in Europe. He has been working as a professional performance and recording bass player in many occasions, including as a musical director of Canadian singer Rachelle Jeanty (ex. Celine Dion). In 2016, he moved back to Tokyo, Japan. However, he is touring between EU and Japan frequently with many projects such as "Falk Bonitz Trio" and "Swansong".

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