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Embark on a musical journey like never before with "Sakura Ka Toofan" (meaning Storm of Cherry blossom) - a sensational India-Japan fusion of Mumbai's scorching heat and Tokyo's cool vibes!

Immerse yourself in the unique blend of harmonious Koto instrumental sounds based on a Japanese traditional song "Sakura Sakura" and Trap/Hip Hop flava by PIANO FLAVA. The fiery delivery of Hindi-Japanese Toofani (stormy) Rap flow by Ibex as the melodious singing vocals by Hiroko will take you back in time. The collaboration of two worlds weaves a thread that connects the toofani streets of Mumbai to the serene lanes of Tokyo.

Feel the pulse of Japanese rhythm and the Indian hip hop flava as the beats resonate through the streets. "Sakura Ka Toofan" is more than just a song; it's a cultural celebration that transcends boundaries and unites the spirit of two incredible countries as it promotes India-Japan collaboration.
Shot at the vibrant Kofuku Japanese Restaurant in Mumbai, India, the enchanting Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho and beautiful Sakura park in Tokyo, Japan, the music video of this song is a visual and auditory feast.

Let the heat of India and the chill Japan vibes wash over you in this unparalleled musical fusion. Hit play now and experience the magic of "Sakura Ka Toofan" - where the energy of the rap meets the serenity of the soulful singing that paints a vivid picture of Sakura blossoms!

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  • Ibex

    Ibex is a multilingual rapper from Mumbai, India. He has grown creating Hip Hop, Chill Japanese Hip Hop & Reggae-Dancehall music with a versatile style that arguably places him as the most competitive rapper. He raps in Hindi, English, Japanese, and Marathi. The excellence of his rap flow, especially rapping in Japanese is recognized not only in India but also in Japan.

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  • Hiroko

    [Hiroko a.k.a Hiroko Sarah] Mumbai-based Japanese artist. Multilingual Singer-songwriter & classical Kathak Dancer Hiroko Sarah is from Tokyo, Japan and now lives in Mumbai, India. Hiroko works as a multilingual Singer-songwriter (Hindi, Japanese & English) on solo and India-Japan collaboration projects with other artists. Her first Hindi song "Aatmavishwas -Believe In Yourself-" collaborated with Indian rapper got the 1st place of "Dance Top Music Video" on Apple Music (India). Enjoy an upbeat dance number of a mixture of Dancehall and Indian classical flavas. Also released "Shiki No Monogatari" as Team Mystic Jounetsu, Mumbai based Chill Hip Hop Music Group. Apart from singing, performing dance and appearing on a TV commercial, a radio program, and a talk show. Doing live performances of dance and singing as a bridge for exchange of Arts and Cultures between India and Japan at several events in India. Working on new India-Japan collaboration projects with several artists. Several performances in India are scheduled. Stay tuned on her social media channels to get updates on all her songs, music videos and live performances.

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    Hello! I am a music producer / engineer living in Fukuoka, Japan. I started my career as a composer while I was in college, and the track I produced, Shibata's "Rap for Selling Man Kan-chan" has over 1.7 million views on YouTube. Other representative songs include "Neon no Namida", a collaboration with Saint Vega. Since 2021, I have been active as a writer for Soundmain Blog operated by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan).

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