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This is the second EP by Namiuchi Labo, a five-piece group based in Tokyo.
While the first EP, "Machinami," was released with songs composed by each member, this EP dared to face the musicality of the band by having only one person compose the music. After about half a year of production, they have created their second EP, which expresses the current state of Namiuchi Lab.

The first track, "Yumemiru," is a pleasant pop tune with a light refrain and a floating feeling.
The second track, "Melon," is a unique number with an unprecedentedly solid and inorganic rhythm.
The final number on the EP is "Sepia but not Sepia," a melancholy melody sung by Narita.

The EP has a more black music flavor, while maintaining the perfect balance of pop and indie that has been the band's signature since their last EP, "Machinami". It is a piece that gives a sense of "deepening" as a band.

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