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Don't need to let it go

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    Kinami's newest single, "Don't need to let it go" written for TuneCore Japan's 10th anniversary PR video, expresses her experience as a modern independent artist: producing quality art on demand. Elaborating on the push and pull of independence through thoughtful lyrics, Kinami time travels to the 80's nostalgic sound to tell a tale. Releasing on World Mental Health Day, this dance number gives a microscopic view of an over-thinker savoring the wabisabi of life through the many forms of love.

    Artist Profile

    • Kinami

      Kinami is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Okinawa, influenced by indegenous Rykyuan, Japanese and American culture. Her 'champuru' or stir fry style of multi-cultural and generational influence is reflected in her melodic choices and lyrics breathed to life in vocal and live performances. 'Kinami' also meaning 'shining seven seas' symbolizes her direction in spreading her truth and light to the world, one song, one performance at a time. With an uprise in domestic and global recognition through streaming playlists, a Japanese national TV appearance, and features on renowned billboards in Shibuya, her artistry speaks for this generation's over-thinkers. Her debut single, "Blue Sapphire" has accumulated over 19,000 TikTok video creations and earned a Japan-wide song placement in over 17,000 convenience stores. Followed by her first music video being featured on Tokyo's renowned billboards in Shibuya crossing. With her previous single, "Don't need to let it go" written for TuneCore Japan's 10th Anniversary commercial being placed in Japan's top editorial playlists, Kinami's road to further solidify a world-wide fanbase is highly anticipated.

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