Old times to see through the seasons (2023) [REMIXED RECORDING] Front Cover

Old times to see through the seasons (2023) [REMIXED RECORDING]

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Satoshi Suzuki's 1st album "Old Time to See Through the Seasons" is finally released after about half a year of production. A total of 16 songs including "Juice", which is popular as a pop dance number, a rearrangement / re-recording version of songs that have already been released since last year, and new songs. As you can see from the title, it is a concept album that "season" was assembled as an important element, and the composition that the season changes with the instrument number is novel. Not only listening to the recorded songs alone, but listening to them throughout the album will make you see something. The nostalgic atmosphere of the entire album may uncover some forgotten memories.

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utadokoro bokurinan