"Junichi" Original Soundtrack

  1. Prologue
  2. Home
  3. Change
  4. Memory
  5. Coffee shop
  6. Bed
  7. BAR
  8. Production
  9. BGM
  10. Wine
  11. Tamaki's theme
  12. Ferris wheel
  13. Piggyback
  14. Junichi and Tamaki
  15. Meeting
  16. "S"
  17. Dream
  18. Bicycle
  19. Hole I
  20. Headphone
  21. Hole II
  22. Party
  23. Hole III
  24. Time elapsed
  25. Shopping
  26. Hospital
  27. Hospital II
  28. Don't over do it
  29. Junichi and Yui
  30. Dark man
  31. Two people walk
  32. BGM II
  33. Coffee shop II
  34. Jungle gym at night
  35. Curry
  36. Ending theme (EP3 long ver.)
  37. Ending theme (long ver.)
  38. Eplogue

The soundtrack for Junichi, a popular drama starring Jun Shison, who ranked first in the Amazon Prime Video and iTunes distribution rankings. The LP edition released on August 14th was released, but the full version is recorded in the subscription service

Koji Nakamura who was in charge of the music in the play was the latest work "Epitaph". All the songs are handled by himself, and the group of elaborate and delicately constructed tracks includes 38 songs, including vocals, centering on the instrumental that resonates somewhere with his latest work "Epitaph". Allied friends such as Miki Furukawa, Yuji Katsui, Takashi Numawazawa, and Tatsuki Masuko are participating in the event, reminiscent of the emotional sound image of the drama.

The jacket design is unique and impressive with the main character, Junichi's favorite drink (Calpis), which appears frequently in the main story, poured into the glass.

Koji Nakamura

Koji Nakamura is a Japanese singer-songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, producer and remixer. Koji Nakamura formed a rock band "SUPERCAR" in 1995. After the breakup of the band in 2005, Namamura has started his solo career and engaged in many different music genres which led to build an unshakable position as a melody maker in Japanese music scene.His borderless collaborations expand to TVcommercials, films and even to the world of arts. Koji Nakamura also collaborated with many artists as a remixer and contributed to various musical projects.Now his activity focuses on his solo project "Koji Nakamura" and the ambient project "Nyantora".

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