Are You Worth It ?

  1. Agriculture
  2. We Must Live For The Earth (feat. Phillip Hunter)
  3. Meta Capitalism
  4. Freedom & Art & Soul
  5. Meta Individualism
  6. Natural Science ~La Beach~ (feat. Andy Suzuki & Hiroshi Sekita)
  7. Simple Life ~It's Waste Of Time~ (feat. Michael Landau, Jimmy Haslip, Phillip Hunter & Makoto Izumitani)
  8. Anthropology
  9. Summertime (feat. Michael Landau, Lenny Castro, Jimmy Haslip & Makoto Izumitani)
  10. No Border ~Piano Funk~ (feat. John DePatie & Hiroshi Sekita)
  11. Amazing Grace
  12. Population Control
  13. SDGs

2020 Social problems such as "black lives matter", "Climate change" and "Corona shock" are increasing all over the world. Meanwhile, this album "Are You Worth It?" was released. Toshi Maezawa say"We should be happy with something simpler", "We should slow down our lives more"," We have more to do ","Stop wasting time, money and energy"," We must change our consciousness " He honks into the modern social system. Because he has a master's degree in chemical engineering and worked in environmental issues. Realize that it is a problem of our human heart rather than technology.
Capitalism is turning people's hearts into bad ones. "Simple life(It's waste of time)" is guide to decapitalization.Toshi strongly desires "No Border(Piano Funk)", "We Must Live For The Earth" produced in 2003.Dedicated "Amazing Grace" ,"Freedom & Art & Soul" to George Floyd.

This album offers hints for a "new way of life"," New normal " R&B Neo Soul Jazz Blues Fusion Chillout Gospel Smooth Jazz

<Special Guest Musicians>
Michael Landau
Lenny Castro
Jimmy Haslip
Phillip hunter
Makoto Izumitani
Andy Suzuki
John DePatie
Hiroshi Sekita

<Special Thanks>
Alan Hertz

Toshi Maezawa

Toshi was majoring in chemical engineering at the university because he was interested in the resolution of environmental issues. In his research paper, he had published a study of CO2 adsorption material for global warming. In addition, laboratory at the graduate school that he enrolled, he succeeded in development of the world's first new materials. After that, he engaged in developing new eco-friendly batteries at another laboratory in Japan. He left great achievement in the industry and acquired patents for the development of the batteries. Nevertheless, he questioned himself if it's right to find solution for environmental issue with the superficial progress of technology, he decided to leave the company. After that, he moved to Los Angels and started his career as a musician. (as a pianist, a composer and an arranger) He stayed there for 2 years, played and composed jazz and contemporay music then. He also has experience as a host member for the local jam session in L.A., that developed his current strong network with American musicians. He has performed with Michael Paul, Dirk k, Joseph Jarman,Andy SUZUKI and Robert Kyle and more. After he moved back to Japan, he established his own business, "at-lab". The business consists of web production including video and music. His foresight made his business successful and it's growing still now. He is always seeing the future of 20 years or even 40 years ahead and develop his business. His vision about life and business is global or even universal. His creativity makes great contribution in the society.

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