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maco marets

窓をあけたら 風 転んで こぼれて

ふたりのあいだを駆け抜けてた 笑った

両手を合わせ 口閉ざす

木漏れ日 ふと さそわれて 微睡み

あたたかく沈む 午後のベッドの

うえで重なる ちいさな寝息

まるで 蜂蜜 それとバターを


とびきりに 愛らしく

恥知らずな嘘の奥 隠した 秘密

胸を満たす 喜び




何も言うことはない この

時間が幸福なら 十分 arlight

目尻の涙はいったい ?


窓をあけたら 風 転んで こぼれて

ふたりのあいだを駆け抜けてた 笑った

うずまく退屈は ひとときの苦痛か





ねばつく ぬくもりを拒むように


風がひやり なぜてゆくフローリング

臆病なつまさき ぴくり

(痙攣) 訪れる サイレンス

(永遠)なんて 大袈裟だね


子供のように じゃれあっているだけ

最後のときは ふと 訪れる 光で

決められたような 終わり方に 笑っておくれ

  • Lyricist

    maco marets

  • Composer

    maco marets, Riki Azuma

  • Producer

    Riki Azuma

Windmills Front Cover

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    maco marets

Rapper maco marets will release "Windmills," the fourth single from his latest album.

The track was made/produced by Azumariki (Small Circle of Friends / STUDIO75), as on the previous three releases. The gentle acoustic guitar loop, maco marets' low voice, and singer Buoy's chorus combine to create a smooth and airy rap song.

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iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP SONGS • Taiwan • TOP 4 • 23 Aug 2023 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP SONGS • Taiwan • TOP 99 • 23 Aug 2023

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Artist Profile

  • maco marets

    Born in Fukuoka, Japan in 1995, he made his debut in 2016 with "Rallye Label" with the album "Orang.Pendek", track made and produced by Riki Azuma (Small Circle of Friends / Studio75). Since then, he has launched his own label, Woodlands Circle, and has been releasing albums consistently, including "KinŌ" (18), "Circles" (19), "Waterslide III" (20), and his latest, "WSIV: Lost in November" (21). In recent years, he has been featured on the TV program "Z's Choice". And he has also garnered attention for his work as the theme song for ETV's "Z's Choice" and collaborations with Maika Loubte, Shin Sakiura, LITE, maeshima soshi, Mime, and various other artists.

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