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Tokyo based singer-songwriter, B.Nazki's new self-produced single is out for the first time in 2 years! During the COVID-19 pandemic, B.Nazki decided to make music by full self-produced style. B.Nazki writes, produces all of his own songs besides making artworks and directing music videos by himself. "Higher Prayer" is literally the first work by his new self-produced style in 15 years of music career!

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  • B.Nazki

    Born and raised in Japan, B.Nazki has been active as a pop singer-songwriter for 15 years and has released 6 albums. He writes and produces all of his songs and also directs music videos by himself. His works are inspired by 80s American pop music and his own experiences studied Cultural Anthropology at Waseda University. Every year before the pandemic, he held the hall one-man concert in Tokyo by himself and more than 300 people gathered from all Japan. Audience is diverse with age from 0 to 90 with a lot of genders and nationalities. On May 2021, his song "Minna No Uta." won the "4th Totsuka Song Contest" via online voting, gathered more than 3 times votes from other contesters. And on TikTok, his song "thanks to you" has been used for more than 1,200 movies. From Oct 2020 to Dec 2021, B.Nazki had been working as a VTuber named Hanabusa Ibuki. Ibuki's You Tube channel had 2,460 subscribers as of Oct 2021. (The channel was closed off as the project had ended.) Throughout music, costumes, videos and performances, B.Nazki tries to break the stereotypes of genders and also makes strong messages about diversity and inclusion for all the people who are trying to live their own lives with all genders, sexualities, races and religions included.

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