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Our Memories


おだやかな山間にたたずみし この学び舎に別れ告げる時

重ね合う歌声は懐かしく きっといつかの君に届くだろう

春に揺れるしだれ桜 夏に泳いだ竹田川

何度でもよみがえる 思い出の景色

走り抜けた校庭の脇 願いこめたテニスボール

いつまでも忘れない 僕たちの景色

特別な場所だからこそきっと 巡り会えたと思う仲間たち

語り合い描いた夢の地図を またいつの日か広げて笑おう

秋に染まるたけくらべ山 冬に輝く銀世界

鮮やかに移りゆく 僕たちの景色

溶けた雪は川を下り 遠い街の花を咲かす

新しい春の日を みんなで見に行こう

いつかみんな大人になって ひとりひとり旅立って行く

いつの日か立ち止まり 振り返る景色

どんな辛いことがあっても 君を励まし続けてる

その翼 果てしない大空に届け

友よ きっと その涙は いつか夢の花を咲かす

新しい春の日を みんなで見に行こう

新しく描き出そう 僕たちの景色

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Hinatakako Chorus collection Front Cover

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A collection of choral songs by singer-songwriter Hinatakako, who has continued choral exchanges in various places.

More than 10 years have passed since its release, and the singing voices of more than 300 people who met through activities such as "Shunkan no Kei", which is still sung as a graduation song, and "Shiawase no Hana", the theme song of Sakai City that flows as a daily time signal, are recorded. A recording of a chorus exchange. Sakai Municipal 5th Anniversary Commemorative Song "Furusato Sanka ~ Life Breathing Town ~" includes a performance with an orchestra.

Artist Profile

  • Hinatakako

    Hina Takako Living as a musician in a nature-rich town in Fukui, Hokuriku. Her activities are wide-ranging, such as the release of song albums, live temples in Japan and overseas, CM songs, school songs, official theme songs of the city, and chorus songs. A singer-songwriter who has a priesthood and has a gentle yet powerful singing voice while focusing on "people, life, and nature."

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