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The 2nd album was released in October 2021, but the single "The High-Lows" was produced without a break. The album was a dark song overall, but this work is a rock'n'roll song that can be said to be a return to the origin. As you can guess from the title, High-Lows is an important motif, and the specific name "Baumkuchen" also appears in the lyrics. And it's no secret that High-Lows itself was a band with a lot of homage to the music that influenced it. That point is included in this work, and it is Nikui's production that arrangements that can be said to be homages are scattered everywhere. If you are a fan of Hiroto Komoto and Masatoshi Mashima, you will find a lot of phrases that will make you grin, and even if you are not a fan of Satoshi Suzuki, this is a song that you should listen to. When I listened to this work, I remembered the "pure excitement for rock" that I had forgotten and was soaked in sentiment. It's far from the trendy music, but it can be said that it is a song that makes you feel the goodness of rock and roll again.

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utadokoro bokurinan