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"IMEHA", which features a slack key guitar sound that means open tuning peculiar in Hawaii, reorganize the songs that recorded in the four masterpieces released in the 2000s, and release as an another conceptual album with a new jacket.

This conceptual album is selected from the four albums, "ALOHA TIME (2003)", "CAFÉ ALOHA (2004)", "ALOHA STYLE (2005)" and "Hawaiian Fingers (2006)", which can be said to be the masterpieces of Easy Listening albums in Japan.

A total 56 songs are selected to new four albums according to the concept of the islands, Oahu, Big Island, Maui, and Kauai. Album covers are re-designed with the iconic landscape of each island.

"IMEHA" fans will be satisfied with new approach of song selection and a new listener can reach their beautiful sounds by subscription service. The four newly reorganized albums will be loved constantly as an all-time album for all-generations. It will be definitely the world-wide evergreen instrumental album.

Selected 14 songs inspired by the concept of the island Kauai, where leisurely time flows, starting lightly with the opening song "Aloha Time" leads to "Kauai Ramble". Formed by mainly slow tempo songs, such as "Day Light" that you can imagine the lazy afternoon time, "Night Rainbow" that reminds you of a shining rainbow in the night sky, and "Lullaby Hula" that make you fall a sleep. You can feel like the island time and time passes slowly.

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IMEHA -Best of Best- Kauai

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    IMEHA, abbreviation for Image of Hawaii, which is characterized by a slack key guitar sound, which means open tuning peculiar to Hawaii. A unit consisting of three guitarists, Seiji Omotani, Noboru Matsumoto, and Yasuhisa Murase. In 2002, they arranged Hawaiian music for video production on the Big Island of Hawaii, and formed a guitar trio as Image of Hawaii with two slack key guitars and a gut guitar. In 2003, renamed to IMEHA, made a major debut from Yamaha Music Communications, and released four albums. With the slack key guitar, which is a traditional Hawaiian tuning method, three acoustic guitars produce a comfortable and gentle acoustic sound that make you feel the Hawaiian breeze. The loosely entwined ensemble invites the listener to peaceful and beautiful paradise.

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