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The Structures (a.k.a Yusei Koga), who collaborates globally with various artists, invites Kaori Mukai, a jazz singer-songwriter who performs in Japan/Indonesia, as guest vocalist for You Better Believe. In a social media era of "followers" and "likes" where performance in "numbers" seem to control much of our lives, the song is a straightforward, positive message for us to reaffirm our own worth and of those who support us. You Better Believe was co-written by a music producer and a singer-songwriter, making it a one-of-a-kind song.

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  • Kaori MUKAI

    Kaori Mukai was born in Fukuoka, Japan, to parents who love music. At an early age, she took up the electric piano and began playing in her school brass band. After graduating from university, she worked for foreign multinational corporations while also singing at Jazz bars/restaurants in Tokyo. In September 2016, Kaori moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, where she established herself as a Jazz/Pops singer while performing in both Jakarta and Tokyo. The highlight of Kaori's overseas career was when she performed at the Jak(arta)-Japan Cultural Festival that draws more than 43,000 people every year and at a Mosque to an audience of 15,000. She also performed regular gigs at 5-star hotels and restaurants, most frequently at Motion Blue Jakarta with other Indonesian and Japanese artists. Kaori released her 1st Full Album "Nostalgia" in 2020 as the final compilation of her 3.5-year music career in Indonesia. More than 15 musicians from both Indonesia and Japan are featured in the album, making it a truly international collaborative work that goes beyond borders. Soon after moving back to Japan, in June 2020, Kaori sang the end credits theme song for the Honda Theater production, "DISTANCE". In February 2021, two of her original songs as well as one cover song were chosen as BGM for the TV drama "Three Star Bar in Nishi Ogikubo". Kaori is a Finalist of the 5th Okazaki Jazz Vocal Contest, Japan.

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