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While having a career as a dancer, including back dancers of famous artists, and providing choreography to artists, as a singer-songwriter, all songs are self-produced at home, including lyrics, top lines, and track making, and are genreless songs. The first mini-album by a 19-year-old multi-artist who can feel the one and only introduction that is hard to change. Starting with "Harukahi" released as the first restart from September 2021, "Transparent Color" and "Transparent Color" and "Transparent Color" picked up in the SPACE SHOWER official playlist "FUKUOKA COLLECTIVE" released in a 3-month continuous distribution release It contains 7 songs such as "WHY-WHY". In addition, the dramatic fight song "2002 + 20" sent by DAACKY, who turns 20 this year, and the song "PRO / LOGUE", which has the same title as the mini-album, attract new aspects of DAACKY to the same generation who are worried about new songsAlso, in the production of new songs, we can feel the growth in sound by incorporating new production methods such as incorporating live guitar performances by professional guitarists. In addition, the mix of this work includes Haruhito Nishi (ONEly Inc.) who produces and mixes such as Dai Hirai and eill, SHIMI from BUZZER BEATS who is in charge of recording and mixing such as SKY-HI and BE: FIRST. We have appointed some of Japan's leading engineers such as Hiraku Someno, who handles mixes such as SIRUP and Shin SakiuraThe R & B number "Let me ...", which has received a lot of attention such as being picked up by Apple Music "Attention Track" and TuneCore Japan "tune Tracks" as a song that attracted DAACKY's first guest performance, is now in 10 countries "New Music" at Spotify. After working with the singer "MoMo" who has a singing voice away from Japanese and the four-member chorus group "FREAK", which is picked up on Friday ", he is currently working with his twin brother" GENKI "and R & B Duo" R104 ". , "Let me ... (Remix feat.MoMo, Yuki Ito)" with "Yuki Ito" as a guest performer, and other songs full of speed and groove that can be freely transformed.

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iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP ALBUMS • United States • TOP 3 • 15 Jun 2022 Apple Music • J-Pop Top Albums • United Kingdom • TOP 15 • 21 Jun 2022 Apple Music • J-Pop Top Albums • Germany • TOP 72 • 2 Jul 2022 iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 84 • 8 Jun 2022

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Spotify • Dance Pop: Japan • 8 Jun 2022


Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 9 Jun 2022

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    DAACKY Born in 2002, from Yamaguchi. Based in Tokyo. While devoted to black music such as R&B/soul and Hip-Hop, each work has a high affinity with music regardless of genre. When he speaks gently, he snuggles up to the listener with strong lyrics, sound image, and singing voice. Since the restart of SSW in September 2021, it has received high praise from various fields such as producers and musicians / dancers, and has been selected for various playlists in the 1st MiniAlbum released in about half a year, iTunes Store, J-Pop Top Album, America. In addition to entering the charts such as winning 3rd place, an up-and-coming artist who is attracting attention from various places such as being picked up on the radio weekly on air. In addition, he has a career as a dancer and choreographer, providing choreography for major Japanese artists such as Novel Core and Naoki Otokozawa, including live support dancers such as BTS and EXILE. During the pop-up period, he was active as a video creator and director in the creative dance crew "CRAZY BUT" based in Fukuoka. Developed more than 30 works such as CHOREO VIDEO in a year. In addition, he was the owner of his own apparel brand as an apparel producer. Furthermore, he is currently in charge of providing music to artists, and is expanding his range of activities as an artist and creator icon that emits a genreless and unique essence that cannot be expressed by existing titles.

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