Party Piano Punk

  1. Exaltation ~Song of Nenkiake ~
  2. AVOCAD ~The Script~
  3. Down Town Cabaret
  4. Summer Valentine
  5. YAMA (House Mix ver.) ~Mountain House~
  6. Notarejini
  7. Interlude ~HIKARIE~
  8. Gunjho Oiwake

from Revew.
"The information in the latest magazine becomes a thing of the past the moment I read it. I feel that modern music is full of such things. Every time I read" Party Piano Punk "that appeared in such an era Like classical literature with discoveries.

Thinking about the chanson-like melody and the passage like modern French music, a punky sound appears in layers. When I listen to it, the keywords that are two sides of the same coin in ambibarets run around my head: improvisation and improvisation, formal beauty and content beauty, avant-garde and conservative, sadistic and masochistic.

Such Emi Eleonola's music may be a more universal and modern Hyakunin Sutra that goes beyond classical literature. I've never heard an album with such happiness. "
Mitsuhiro Fujiwara (Lecturer, Department of Music, Yokohama Digital Arts College)

Emi Eleonola

CD debut as a band "Demi Semi Quaver" in Japan and the United States. SXSW,goes on a national tour. In recent years, she has released CDs as a solo artist,and has appeared in many events. In addition, She is active in a wide range of roles including actress, composition and arrangement by programming, providing songs to singers, and directing music on stage.

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