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Xiaoliu is attracting the attention of the music industry as a young Chinese singer-songwriter. A valuable Japanese limited edition that combines her legendary debut album released in 2017 and the second album released in 2020 with Song Dongye participating in the recording.

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  • XiaoLiu

    Born in Hunan, China. As a singer-songwriter born in the 1990s, she continued to work mainly in live houses, and her debut album "Sou" released in 2017 attracted a lot of attention in the Chinese music industry, and she suddenly became her major artist. To join the ranks of. She expanded her high musicality with her second album "Yi" released in 2020, and she is one of the most promising new artists in the future. <Comments from Japanese artists> From the sound of the clear words in Chinese and the lyrics, you can see that the world where Xiaoliu is living and the sadness of people are quietly blowing out. And I feel that there is a lot of fun in the music that strokes my back with the adorable melody that is full of joy and time, with the modern sound making and rhythm. She is cool with music that resonates not only with the spirit but also with blood and flesh. Satoko Shibata

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