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A Japanese female artist, singer, rapper, songwriter, and composer "ACHARU" releases her new EP "VORTEX" for the first time in five years, available for listening on all music streaming platforms and purchase at digital music stores starting Monday, May 16.

Sound produced by "ZEN RYDAZ" (MACKA-CHIN, MaL, J.A.K.A.M.), one of the most popular groups in the Japanese dance/electronic music scene supported by core music fans and ordinary music lovers today.

Through the contemporary beat production, interspersed with ethnic instruments from all over the world, ACHARU's new EP "VORTEX" has established a one-of-a-kind style that has the current cutting-edge bass music, also called UK bass, that are attracting worldwide attention and orthodox pop elements.

The three songs from the EP "VORTEX", FREE YOUR MIND, FLOATY, and FREEDOM, were created corresponding with the themes of MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. ACHARU's artistic sense and skillset adds a profound feeling to the trinity lyrics of the three songs, and you will feel the depth of the inner world and outer world that resonate with you!

From ACHARU's VORTEX, you can hear the charm of music, sound images, and words that touch your heartstrings especially in this era we live in.

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iTunes Store • Dance TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 94 • 16 May 2022

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Spotify • エレクトロポリス • 18 May 2022 Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 16 May 2022 Apple Music • 78 musi-curate TuneCore Japan zone • 24 May 2022 Spotify • Best New Music: DIGLE SOUND • 23 May 2022

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    ACHARU is a Japanese female artist who shows multiple talents as a singer, rapper, songwriter, and composer. In 2010, ACHARU released her first solo album "Nasty". In 2017, she launched her own music label "Natural HighSense Production" and released her second solo album "ART OF FLOW". The album "ART OF FLOW" caught the ears of many listeners with ACHARU's soulful, clear and beautiful, yet powerful singing voice and her dynamic singing talent. In 2019, ACHARU met "ZEN RYDAZ" (MACKA-CHIN, MaL, J.A.K.A.M.), one of the hottest groups that are attracting the highest attention in the Japanese dance/electronic music scene today, and she participated in their first album "ZEN TRAX" (2019) and also in their second album "ZEN TRAX 2" (2021). In May 2022, ACHARU's long-awaited new EP "VORTEX" will be produced by ZEN RYDAZ and released digitally worldwide for the first time in five years. ACHARU transcends the genre boundaries. Her music composition crosses various sounds from R&B/Soul to bass music to tribal, etc. and captivates people with her free, transformative, and one-of-a-kind musical style.

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