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This album combines the view of life and death of the Hmong minority people and electronic music, Created by Aduo, a female artist representing China. This album has been nominated for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards (World Music category) and has been highly acclaimed worldwide.

Artist Profile

  • Aduo

    She is one of the leading female artists in China. Her overwhelming singing ability and her beautiful physical expression have earned her international acclaim. In 2004, she appeared on the national music program "Chinese New Year's Party" broadcast by China Central Television (CCTV) over the year of the Chinese New Year, and her popularity as her top star. She also has a worldwide reputation, with her being ranked in the American economic magazine Forbes as the most influential person in China for the third consecutive year since 2005. For five years from 2012, she left all front stages, she explored traditional culture while touching the settlements of ethnic minorities in China, and inspired the intangible cultural heritage of the Hmong people. The "Reborn", which was produced during that period and crystallized the view of life and death of the Hmong people as a music dance drama, received high praise, and was nominated in the World Music category of the 61st U.S. Grammy Awards and the largest music award in China CMA. She is one of the most promising female artists in China today, having won the highest award of a certain "Chinese Song and Industry Commission Music Award".

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